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Maximize animal health, forage utilization, and producer profits.

Based in Billings, Montana, Agri-Best Feeds is the regional marketing arm of SweetPro Feeds, offering the Sweet Pro, EquiPride and EquiLix line of products. Redmond Natural Trace Minerals rounds our product offering for cattle, other livestock, horses and wildlife.

Our highly knowledgeable dealer network services Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska and northern North Dakota. SweetPro Feeds is known for its new nutritional technology that improves strength, performance and herd health for livestock producers across the U.S and Canada. Redmond Natural Trace Minerals is a unique sea salt deposit with 50+ balanced minerals in crystalloid form and volcanic ash containing a plethora of minerals that promote overall better health and feed conversion.

Combined, they truly make super fuel for cattle and horses!

We have a Grand Prix horse with loads of talent but not the easiest keeper. I’ve had horses in the past like him that seem like nothing works. Feeding him more volume fails because he’s also picky. Rarely, will he finish…

Eric ThompsonStella Farm Show Jumpers

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$85,000 Drought Relief Discounts Provided by SweetPro and Agri-Best Feeds

SweetPro and Agri-Best Feeds teamed up to offer ranchers in drought areas of Montana an $80/ton discount on SweetPro between July 15th and September 1st. Ranchers across the region took