No Molasses. Better Performance. Increased Profits.

SweetPro blocks are made from dried distillers grains and solubles, consisting primarily of complex carbohydrates from corn, milo, barley, oats, wheat and flax, plus vitamins, minerals and the blend additive ProBiotein. Since these distillers feeds have already been fermented, the starches have been removed and there’s no sugar content to negatively affect the rumen and drive down pH.

Condensed distillers solubles have similar binding and aroma benefits to molasses, but they are much higher in protein and fat than molasses. Protein quality and complex carbohydrate energy values are high, and their prebiotic fibers help keep the microbial populations in the rumen healthier. These factors contributed to the better performance of cow-calf herds on SweetPro blocks in the research project.

Benefits for Beef Cattle

  • Less raw feed in manure
  • Less hoof problems
  • Better Carcass grading
  • Shinier coats
  • Improved herd health
  • Feed efficiency
  • Improved conception rates
  • Improved profitability
  • Frame and muscle development

Studies show that even though consumption of the traditional molasses blocks was almost double that of the SweetPro blocks, the herd health and performance was better on the SweetPro blocks than molasses. Since molasses blocks cost about the same per pound, ranchers should expect the overall costs of their supplement blocks, shipping, storage and labor, as well as the time needed to handle the blocks to be considerably less by choosing SweetPro blocks instead of molasses.


Salt and Minerals for your Livestock the Way Nature Intended.

This natural trace mineral salt of Redmond Natural comes from an ancient sea, which maintains the mineral makeup in a proportion nearly identical to that found in blood. As animals consume these minerals, their bodies turn to a more natural state of mineral balance. The products allow animals to better utilize their feed, resulting in increased weight gains, and improved over-all health. Receiving the OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) seal of approval, it is perfect for organic operations across the US.



Bova Cubes™

For the first time ever, 100% dry distiller’s grains with solubles are available in cubes. A new patented process can now create a hard distiller’s cube that won’t crumble. McNess Bova Cubes™ can be fed on the ground wihout high wastage or wind losses. A convenient, quality feed for cows, stockers or calves.

Bova Calf Cubes

For the first time, 100% dry distiller’s grains with solubles are available in 7/16″ mini cubes. These convenient mini’s can be fed to calves, sheep, goats and deer. This new patented process creates a hard distiller’s mini cube that won’t crumble. McNess Bova Calf Cubes™ can be fed in a bunk or on the ground without wastage or wind loss.

Bova-Min 2-T (510205)

Bova-Min 2-T is formulated to be fed free choice to cattle on pasture being fed corn co-products. When beef cattle on pasture or hay are receiving protein and energy supplementation with distiller’s grains or corn gluten feed, they also are receiving phosphorus supplementation. Contains thiamine to help prevent nervous disorders (polioencephalomalacia – PEM) associated with corn co-product diets high in sulfur.