Look for up to 25% improvement in forage feed efficiency with SweetPro’s EquiPride!

Now with SweetPro’s feed efficiency boost, the cost of maintaining your horse in top condition can be reduced. EquiPride is a top-dress which combines several nutritional factors into one powerful supplement. EquiPride blends vitamins, organic complexed minerals, stabilized milled flax and distillers grains with ProBiotein®, our proprietary additive.

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EquiLix offers a two-part nutritional benefit without molasses.

A healthy horse looks better and costs less to maintain. Now with EquiLix feed efficiency boosts, the cost of maintaining your horse in top condition can be reduced.

1. Improves appearance, performance and immune function through better feed digestion.
2. Meters our buffered benefits to combat gastric distress.

Complex carbohydrates versus the simple sugars of molasses are nutritionally superior and stay solid in summer heat, eliminating sticky areas that can trap dirt and attract flies.

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Natural Sea Salt and Minerals

Redmond Natural delivers unprocessed sea salt with over 50 trace minerals that helps your horses thrive. This natural trace mineral salt comes from an ancient sea, which maintains the mineral makeup in a proportion nearly identical to that found in blood. As animals consume these minerals, their bodies turn to a more natural state of mineral balance.


  • Shinier coats
  • Better food conversion
  • Less disease

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I first learned of EquiPride at a Back Country Horsemen’s Convention here in Montana. The feed rep was very knowledgeable and helpful, and even carried the 50 pound bag to my car! My horse, Jessie’s Lucky Lad (AQHA) was 32 years old and not very healthy. He had been diagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome about 8 years ago, with a vet placing him on medication for about 2 years. Another vet subsequently took him off the medication, and I saw improvement with this vet’s recommendation of Chromium Yeast, which he supplied to me. However, Jessie’s health continued to deteriorate with age, although I researched and tried several brands and types of feed specifically for Cushing’s horses. Although Jessie was underweight, he continued to out walk my other, very fit 11 year old horses to the top of every mountain pass. I love to pack into wilderness areas, and Jessie went on every trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness here in Montana. The other horses could not keep up with him. He loved to go. When I started Jessie on Equi Pride, he began to gain weight, and his coat began to shine. Within two weeks, the results were obvious to everyone who saw him. For the first time in many years, he actually looked shiny and healthy! Equi Pride has saved me money on other feeds and supplements, given me a healthier horse, and I have told anyone who would listen about my great results with my 32 year old! A big thank you to the folks at Equi Pride!!

Rena JohnsonPlains, MT