Mary Hill

Love our ARROWQUIP CHUTE — fits all sizes of animals, quiet, easy on the workers and the cattle.

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Stuckey Farms, Manderson, WY

We had been feeding molasses barrels to our calved heifers this spring and were doctoring calves for scours. We then switched to the SweetPro 16 and have not had to

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Rena Johnson

I first learned of EquiPride at a Back Country Horsemen’s Convention here in Montana. The feed rep was very knowledgeable and helpful, and even carried the 50 pound bag to

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Jacey Fortier

I have a 25 year old horse that I still use on occasion to breakaway off of. This winter he was looking great, even with it being a hard winter.

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Melissa Brazelton

For about 2 years my beloved paint horse Twister had been losing weight. I would find him standing alone in the corner of the pasture foaming at the mouth. I

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Jonathan Deford

Since we started using Sweet Pro our cows have held their condition through the winter. We have also improved in our weaning weight 20-30 pounds. We also use Sweet Pro

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Joy Benson

Equi-lix tubes for the horses are great, cuts back on the hay. Makes horses look great! EquiPride on the horses that I am riding keeps them feeling and looking great.

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Milynda Raedel

The BEST money you can spend on your horses is for a bucket of EquiPride! I’ve never seen such amazing results using any other product (I mean that, We’ve tried

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Brett Phipps

Just thought I would drop you an email and let you know some of our results over the course of the winter. We fed the backgrounder tubs to about 1250

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