Adam & Rolly Redland

Hands down one of the best investments we make every year is using Sweet Pro Mineral. Being a low input ranch in north central Wyoming feeding little to no hay,

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Reno & Gwen Shepperson

Our heifers have been a very interesting study in fetal programming. We have 67 heifers that were born here from mother cows that were on SweetPro for their entire breeding

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Jonathan Deford

Since we started using Sweet Pro our cows have held their condition through the winter. We have also improved in our weaning weight 20-30 pounds. We also use Sweet Pro

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Buck Woosley

I can’t say enough good things about this stuff (SweetPro) in the 10 years I’ve been working on this ranch we have used pellets, cake, tubs and nothing has worked

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Steve Williams

Agri-Best Feeds has a great line of products that help the cattleman achieve more on less input and unbeatable customer service to top it off

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Don Herzog

We expect a cow to go out there and make a living. We don’t feed a whole lot of hay unless we get deep snow where they can’t get to

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